Ever since about the middle of December, I’ve been eating all sorts and varieties of sugary things. When we came back to North Carolina, I was toting a new mixer from the in-laws, so I decided I’d make two batches of cookies (and of course I had to try to make these lovely Brigadeiros that Becki’s boyfriend introduced us to–heavenly little caramels wrapped in chocolate sprinkles, yum!). Orange-cranberry-almond cookies made with tangerine juice and oatmeal-chocolate-chip-hickory-nut cookies with nuts from the tree in my parents’ West Virginia backyard. The small group was coming over for New Year’s, and we were providing desserts. And then Jesse found Ferrero Rocher half price at the store. And ice cream was buy-one-get-one. And then, even though we all stuffed ourselves, we didn’t manage to finish anything off during the party, and now we’re here with a house full of sugar. (I haven’t even mentioned the amount of soda still in the fridge.)

I feel…blech. I have no motivation. I’m grumpy. I’m tired and achy. I feel queasy and hungry at the same time. And I know exactly why–it’s the sugar. I’m not sure if I would have so quickly pointed the finger at sugar before doing the diet, but after feeling so clear-headed and full of energy, I can see the difference plainly. I can’t wait to start the diet again, but at the same time I want to finish off all this stuff we either bought or made, and this is supposed to be my week of slowly transitioning to the diet! Aaahh!

Well, first things first. I need to get out of the office and accomplish something. Getting something done always helps me feel more motivation for getting the second and third and fourth things finished. I’ve got cat food to make (more on this later) and I’ve got a shopping list to create and I’ve got errands to run. Stay tuned; a real blog is also on my to-do list.

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