The Month of the Sandwich

So Jesse and I have been into sandwiches lately. (Pause for just a second: I wish this post could be about something important. Something worthwhile. Like, maybe there’s a really nifty metaphor coming up that will illuminate some deep meaning or epiphany. But, no. It’s really just about sandwiches.)

Okay, back to sandwiches. We seem to be eating quite a lot of them lately, mostly on pitas. Hummus and veggie sandwiches. Chicken salad sandwiches. Turkey and swiss sandwiches. And, strangely enough, braised lamb sandwiches (we were trying to be creative with leftovers, and it turned out really tasty). They’re great for lunch, but they’ve become my new favorite dinner. They’re quick, cheap, and nutritious, and they dirty precious few dishes. And paired with a side (baked sweet potatoes are my current favorite), they’re plenty filling for a full meal.

Yeah. That’s all. I’m just loving sandwiches these days and thought I’d share. I’d love some new sandwich ideas if you’ve got a favorite or two…

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