I spent the weekend in Atlanta with my dear friend Simona. The highlights:

  • The most delicious tomato-basil soup I’ve ever had at a cozy little French restaurant.
  • Driving in SNOW in the crazy city traffic and not dying.
  • Thai food for Saturday’s dinner and then Turkish coffee and chocolate mousse cake for dessert with another dear friend, Heather (we both collected Nancy Drews as kids–did you know that collecting Nancy Drew books is one of the early signs of exceptional brilliance? Hmm?).
  • A flare-up of class anxiety that was calmed and corrected by a great church service at North Point. (Will write more about this later.)
  • Inheriting a new black dress from Simona.
  • Getting to wear my big fluffy calf-length fake-fur coat (even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t wear real fur)–because, again, let me reiterate: SNOW.
  • Coming home! There’s nothing better than being reunited with your hubby after a weekend away.

Of course, my big homecoming present was a busted hot water heater. When I got home, I was exhausted and feeling icky from being in the car all day. So, I brushed my teeth and got into a bathtub full of really hot water and bubbles. Bliss. After a good soak, I got out, put on PJs, and was all set for a little nap before we had to run to our small group Christmas party that evening. Then Jesse came home and discovered that our hot water tank was spewing water all over our garage, so my nap time became: “Time to sweep the water out of the garage and move everything sitting in puddles.” Boo. But, Brandon came over and saved the day, and today we have a brand-new hot water heater.

Ah, homeownership. There are many, many days when I miss renting.

But, this post is about Atlanta, about leaving and coming back. Oh, and SNOW. Did I mention that the weekend was cold, really really cold? Brr.

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