This morning, Becki left with a friend to explore the Haight and give me some time to rest and write (being tour guide is tiring!). Her friend just moved to the city in the last month, and I had suggested the Haight because I knew Becki had wanted to see it, and I didn’t mind missing it this go around.

However, I later found out that neither of them have been to the Haight.

So…I am wondering what her friend thinks of Becki’s crazy sister-in-law whose suggestion for spending a Saturday morning catching up with an old friend was to explore the Haight.

If you’re not familiar with the Haight, well imagine everything crazy and weird you’ve ever heard about San Francisco, thrown in a heavy dose of hippie culture, and permeate that with a lingering smell of incense and marijuana…and that’s the Haight.

Here are some pictures from when Jesse and I went:

I think the Haight is fun. Where else are you going to find a store selling taxidermied squirrels dressed in tiny suits and posed with doll furniture?

I just hope Becki’s friend has a sense of humor.

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