Before I came here, I printed out a few MUNI maps so I could always find the nearest bus or train line. I found a map at Barnes and Noble, but it was $7 and looked completely useless, except that it was laminated.

Once we got here, we picked up one of those free paper maps and got quite our money’s worth out of it. In fact, as of a few days ago it was tattered and torn in half. But, shoot, that map was good.

I gave it away the other day to a woman and her daughter who didn’t speak much English and were trying to get to Union Square. I circled the train stop they needed to get off on, and I starred their destination. I was happy that the map would have a second life with this woman and her daughter. Then I felt a little silly for giving her such a beat-up map. I hope she knew it was well loved.

I still have the MUNI printouts, and before I go wandering I usually consult Google maps (which has a public transportation option I never used in suburbia). The thing is, Google will tell me I need to walk a block from one street to another to catch the 24 bus, but it will fail to tell me the block is straight uphill and that I’ll be wheezing by the time I catch said bus.

Here’s a picture of example block, at the top of my climb:

I wish I’d thought to take a picture going up–somehow, it doesn’t look as painful when looking down–but I was a woman on a mission.

StairMaster? Ha! Who needs one?

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