It seems everything I’m doing these days is preparing for something that may or may not happen in the near future.

School: Will definitely happen, very soon. (Tomorrow, in fact.) The syllabi are done but need another checking. I don’t have keys to my office yet, so all my literature anthologies and files are currently living in the guest bathroom, where they will probably stay through the end of this week. I have been in an epic battle with Blackboard (an online course management system) all week, and I’m not sure who’s winning.

Irene: May happen. Am hoping will not happen.

School + Irene: Will we miss class Friday? Monday? Will the campus flood? How do I want to modify the schedule in the event that the university closes? (And when on earth am I going to move all this stuff into my office?)

Baby: I was going to throw a baby shower for a friend this Saturday, but if Irene crashes we’ll have to cancel. And baby has been dropping hints that he might be interested in coming early. Please don’t show up during the storm, little guy…

Redecorating: We are smack in the middle of rearranging two of the bedrooms in our house. Before this weekend, Jesse and I had separate offices. My office also served as the guest room, and his also housed a ton of music gear. We recently decided to move our offices back together (we missed each other!), and the second room will become a guest room/music room. And we decided to paint both rooms. And while we were at it, we steam cleaned the carpets. Now things are mostly put back together, but our dining room table has become a catch-all for everything that doesn’t seem to have a place. It kind of feels like moving.

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