Friday Night

Last Friday night, we went to a volunteer party and hung out with some of our closest friends. We sat on bales of hay and drank Coke out of glass bottles and listened to live bluegrass music. We ate donut holes and ice cream sandwiches and popcorn. We watched the kids dance and go crazy on the sugar. The night air was cool and crisp and perfect.

I love being around these people, folks we’ve known practically since we moved here. Little S. and H. played on the blankets spread on the grass, and I thought about how I met these girls only days after they were born. Now, one is four and the other is three and a half. Impossible. I imagined what it would be like to see them start high school, and then college. I wondered how well I would remember these days, when they both dog-piled onto Brandon and then shrieked with joy as he stood up, lifting them into the air.

I thought how old we’d be when the girls got to college.

And, then, we talked about taxes and colonoscopies, and I realized we are already old.

Eventually, the party wrapped up, and we stood and picked up our blankets and chairs and empty Coke bottles, and as we waved our goodbyes, I felt very, very happy.

North Carolina, you aren’t half bad.


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