The Good and the Bad

Because it would just be plain depressing to end with the bad, let’s start there.

The Bad…

1. I did not get to attend a peanut boil this year. If you know me at all, you know how much I look forward to eating boiled peanuts. You know boiled peanuts are the only reason I’m still living in North Carolina at all. (Forget the whole job and house thing. I’m only here for the peanuts.) Eating boiled peanuts once a year makes up for the fact that the rest of the year, I feel kind of like I’m living in a foreign country, far from my family and all my Floridian customs. Here is something southern I can really get behind. Here is a custom I can adopt as my own. At a peanut boil, I don’t feel so much an outsider without family.

For past peanut boils, here’s last year and 2009.

But this year. This year–no peanut boil. Oh, the trauma! Actually, did you hear there’s a peanut shortage? I wanted to cry. Seriously. Then, I wanted to move. Then, I remembered the whole job + house deal and gave up on that. (Okay, fine, so it’s not the peanuts after all.)

2. We also weren’t invited to any Halloween costume parties. Pales in comparison to no peanut boil, but still.

3. Winter is on its way. (NOOOOOO!)

But,  let’s not dwell.

The Good…

1. Yesterday morning, I made a chai tea latte that tastes just like the ones I drank all the time in San Francisco, except I didn’t use one of those expensive mixes. A chai tea latte at Starbucks costs around $3. A boxed mix from Trader Joe’s costs about $3 and makes maybe four servings (plus the cost of the milk). This chai I made cost me about 40 cents. I felt like the sky opened up and the angels started to sing. I do believe I love chai even more than I love boiled peanuts.

2. We don’t have money for Halloween costumes anyway.

3. It’s still fall, and the weather is getting gorgeous. We’ve had the AC off and we’re not turning on the heater yet. Yay saving money on utility bills! Plus, the cats are even more cuddly when the temperatures start to drop.

4. The “good” list is longer than the “bad” list!

5. The Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year holiday season is one of my favorite times of year (and the only time I actually don’t mind the cold weather–makes things feel so festive!). And even though publicly I complain that the Christmas decorations are already going up even though Halloween hasn’t passed, I secretly love it.

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