We finally caved and turned on the heater. Of course, we’ve got it set as low as we can, trying to see how long we can go without raising it a little higher. I’d like to put off the massive heating bills as long as possible. Soon enough, we’ll be running the heater full-blast for months on end because we live in the Frozen Arctic North.

One added benefit of keeping the house on the chilly side (besides the energy savings) is how cuddly the cats become. You can’t sit for more than two minutes in any location in our house and not have a cat on your lap. We’re huddling together for body warmth. It’s kind of pathetic, really. But, oh so cute.

Most evenings these days, you’ll find Jesse and me on the couches, watching some silly Christmas movie, a cat in each of our laps. I’ve usually got Oliver, and he’s usually got Gracie. (Their choice.) Jesse and I are most likely drinking hot cocoa; I’m probably bundled up in one of the fleece blankets my grandmother gave us. And though the room is a bit cold, we’re all cozy, warm, and happy.

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