So, Jesse’s last day of work was three weeks ago today. Three weeks! Can it be?

In those three weeks, we’ve managed to sink into a comfortable routine. Most days of the week, we’re both in the office working. So far, it’s been just fine (i.e. my “only child” personality hasn’t run him off yet). On days when I’m home, we usually sleep until around 9:00. We piddle around the house, eating breakfast, waking up, and then we work the rest of the morning. I wander out into the garden at some point to water the plants and inspect their progress (slowly, but surely–that’s how the garden seems to be growing this year; the weeds, however, are on the “quickly, and surely” track).

Mid-afternoon, we eat lunch together. We’re often quiet. There’s not always a lot to talk about. When you’re around someone almost 24/7, there’s not much news to relate. But, sometimes we tell each other what we’ve been working on, or he’ll tell me about something he’s learning in his class.

This week, we’ve managed to fit some fun into our days. Monday, late afternoon, we played tennis at some local courts. The air was cool and the light was pretty–families were just starting to arrive for some type of practice (softball, I imagine). Some people were setting up picnic dinners. A couple of women were walking together. We hit the ball back and forth, not caring about keeping score, and though I had to take some breaks, I was able to breathe okay throughout our whole time there (woohoo!).

On Wednesday, we went to the beach. I brought a book, and Jesse had some drawing homework he was working on. I couldn’t believe we were at the beach in early April! I was thrilled to be near the ocean, resting on the warm sand, smelling the salt air. That evening, we had the Kings over for dinner. We ate tacos and coconut rice and drank Coco Rico coconut sodas.

These are sweet days, I think–even as I live them, I want to savor them. We have a good amount of free time. We enjoy each other’s company. The temperatures are warm and mild. We are healthy enough to be active. We are able to make and enjoy good food.

Yes, these are good days.

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