The War on Slugs

The other day, Sharon and I released ladybugs into our gardens. Ladybugs are beneficial insects who eat pests and don’t eat plants. Sharon had found a place online that sold packets of ladybugs for fairly cheap. When the box arrived, she called me up, and Jesse and I walked over to collect our ladybugs.

What a strange sight. They were in a little plastic mesh bag with some wood chips and a cotton ball. They writhed around, climbing on the mesh, on top of one another, their little legs always moving. We took home our bag and that evening released them into the garden.

If you’ve never released 300 ladybugs into a garden at dusk, might I recommend it? It’s creepy and weird and a little exciting.

The next morning, the ladybugs were still all over the garden, and some of them were looking rather amorous. I took this to be a good sign.

Now, a few days later, they are mostly gone. I’m hoping that they are living happily around the yard and will come back to the garden spot should a crop of aphids show up. We’ll see. A few stragglers are still hanging out in the parsley, so at least there’s that.

In other gardening news, I have slugs. Yuck. Fat, nasty, slimy slugs. They’re eating the zucchini. Not cool.

So, I have begun an all-out war on them. I buried a plastic cup near the zucchini yesterday and filled it with beer. This morning, there were at least a dozen slugs floating in the beer. I also put out some boards, and I’m making quiche tonight so I can get some eggshells to form a barrier around the plants. (This will have to happen in stages, like the newspaper, since I can’t make that much quiche.)

I’ve also got a little slug-attracting brew going (brown sugar, yeast, warm water–wait two days and then fill traps with liquid). I’m going to “plant” traps all over the garden.

I’m hoping these more “natural” methods work so that I don’t have to resort to chemical warfare. Slugs, be gone!

Oh, and ladybugs–come back!

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