The Quiet War

I know I haven’t talked about slugs in a while, surely disappointing many of you. The truth is, the war continues, though the fighting these days is less intense, and there are fewer casualties. A new opponent–squash vine borers, a much deadlier foe that’s much harder to fight–has invaded on the slugs’ territory and has gotten me stumped and concerned. Squash vine borers worm their way into the plant’s stem and suck the life out of the plant–literally. From the inside out. Fighting them often involves plant surgery, which I have proven to be quite bad at. Sharon and I bought some kind of supposedly beneficial bacteria that we’ll be using to try and combat this new enemy.

Sometimes, I long for the simple days, when I only had slugs to fight.

The other day, S. looked out my window at the garden and turned to me, saying, “Your garden is sluggy. It has slugs.”

I swear.

That’s what she said. I’m sure she’s heard me complaining a dozen times about the slugs, but her unprompted statement just about cracked me up.

Then the other day, I was watching A., who has never heard me complain about slugs in my garden, was showing me a new toy. What was the toy, you ask? “An evil slug.”

Yes. So, the war, while it has morphed and shifted to include new enemies and more difficult challenges, still wages on and on and on…

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