January Continues

Well, our weather has finally figured out it’s winter. The morning air is frigid, and the heaters in the buildings at school operate at various levels of competency. One day, they’ll be full blast, and we’ll all be sweating, as we toss aside our scarves and roll up the sleeves of our sweaters. The next day, the heaters will be dialed back, and we’ll be hunting for earmuffs as we clutch cups of scalded coffee.

At home, Jesse and I continue our sriracha obsession, and I have discovered I like breakfast. We’ve been milk-and-cereal folks all our lives, but now we’re eating scrambled eggs with sriracha, egg sandwiches with avocado and sriracha, and breakfast burritos with–you guessed it–sriarcha. (On off days, we have oatmeal or Bob’s Mill seven-grain hot cereal…without sriracha, sadly.)

For the holiday weekend, we visited my aunt and uncle in Charlotte, and it was a low-key, restful weekend of catching up and eating too much (my aunt is a brilliant cook) and watching bad sci-fi movies (Chupacabra Terror, anyone?).

Now we’re back home and busy tearing through our to-do lists, going grocery shopping, playing tennis.

This is what I love about January. Things get done. Diets are kept. Exercise schedules are maintained. Even the cold feels appropriate (though don’t tell anyone I said that). It’s a clear feeling–this month, this weather. The fog of last year, the overindulgence of the holidays, the muddy uncertain sad times start to fade and dissipate, just a bit. Replacing them is a clarity, a focus. The sadness is still there, of course, but it’s something you get used to, something you learn to expect, to accomodate.

I yearn for spring, for warm weather, for growing things, but this time feels right for now. A time for life to hibernate and for things to clarify as we prepare for whatever’s next.

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  1. Mom
    Posted January 26, 2013 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    Yep, cold here too, only in the 60s. You can feel it too. ha ha Love that you’re not eating cereal in the a.m. A study once showed that rats lived longer eating the cardboard box than the cereal it came in. Ouch!! I’m just saying…. Loved your post. Now, let’s just hope I can send this; not good at the captcha thing.

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