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School started this week. Hard to believe. At work, we all talk about how short the winter break felt, how quickly we are back in the classroom, how much time the holidays eat. Honestly, I don’t feel I’ve had a break, though I did have time off. Two days after my last final, we packed […]

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The End of 2012

Less than three weeks after I posted last, Jesse’s dad lost his battle with cancer. He passed away on November 27th, a Tuesday, about a year after his diagnosis. This past year has been difficult, to say the least. I haven’t written here much. How do you write that your father-in-law is dying? How do […]

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No, this post is not about politics. (To some of you: Sorry.) (To the rest of you: You’re welcome.) I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately. All the changes we’ve undergone the past couple years. The changes we might see in the coming few. We’ve stayed in the same city, in the same house, […]

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Sometimes, I wonder why everything we own is covered in cat hair. Why are the perfectly clean clothes, in the closet no less, dotted with tiny little cat hairs? Then, I walk into the living room, where our laundry is drying on the little wooden drying rack and on the couches. And then I know […]

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Bowl Cat

Why is the punch bowl such an attractive spot for Oliver? I offer no theories. Only pictures.

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