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Sometimes, I wonder why everything we own is covered in cat hair. Why are the perfectly clean clothes, in the closet no less, dotted with tiny little cat hairs? Then, I walk into the living room, where our laundry is drying on the little wooden drying rack and on the couches. And then I know […]

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Bowl Cat

Why is the punch bowl such an attractive spot for Oliver? I offer no theories. Only pictures.

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Kitten Absolutely Want to Play Together

Look! A kitten video! How can I convince Jesse to let me get a kitten? Or two?

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Couch Cat

I hope your Monday is as relaxing as possible.

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Cats Nap

I’m not sure I’ll ever have a house that doesn’t–in at least one of its rooms–have random stacks of books littering the floor. I just can’t quite seem to get all the books in their proper places. Library books pile up next to a stack of Jesse’s old books of Star Trek blueprints. The other day, Oliver […]

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