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Oliver Is Still Pretty Cool

I ran across this old post the other day, and it reminded me that–no matter how many gorgeous roses he destroys–Oliver is still a pretty awesome cat. And I love the little bugger. * * * Posted: July 12, 2010 Originally titled: Dear Oliver, I Forgive You for Eating the Rose. In Fact, I Forgive You […]

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Where’s Waldo? I Mean, Gracie?

Lately, Gracie has been finding it fun to sleep where she’s not exactly supposed to. Kitchen–we don’t let the cats on the kitchen counters. What this effectively means is that Oliver gets on the kitchen counters whenever he wants to, and if we catch him there, we shoo him off. We used to keep a water […]

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad face.

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Oliver and Gracie Recommend: Napping with a Friend

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The Book

It started out neatly enough. All the bits and pieces of the novel, collected in neat stacks, arranged by when and where they were written (and where they’re located on the computer), and clearly labeled. Then, I actually started working, and the place looked like this: The cats looked on, disapprovingly, at my mess. “Hey! […]

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