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Our decorations are finally up! I love the way the house looks when it’s decorated for Christmas. We’ve got lights outside and lots of sweet, tacky decorations inside. Perfect. We’ve been powering through the Christmas movies, too. We’ve made it through Elf, A Muppet Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause, A Charlie Brown […]

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Evening with the Bonds

In case you ever wondered what deeply intellectual and highly meaningful pursuits Jesse and I engage in on most evenings, allow me to provide you with an example: Tonight, I was browsing Pinterest and Jesse was playing Angry Birds. (Actually, we don’t always do those things, but we were both feeling pretty brain dead tonight.) […]

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The Great Purge 2011

In San Francisco, I had one suitcase of stuff. (Well, a suitcase + a box.) And that was it. I had enough clothes to wear, and the closet wasn’t cluttered. The bathroom drawers were  neat. I could clean the entire apartment in about a half hour, and when I looked around, I didn’t see a […]

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The Wall

Look! Our wall has no gaping holes! And it’s all one color! And the carpet is back together! Amazing! (For a “before” shot, go here.)

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Home Ownership

I posted something on Facebook last night bemoaning our status as homeowners. This was exactly two minutes after discovering our dishwasher (or something) was leaking through the wall into the dining room. My status was, “Home ownership: Worst. Idea. Ever.” What I really meant was: “GAH! OUR DISHWASHER IS LEAKING INTO OUR DINING ROOM! HOLY […]

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