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New Year

So, 2011 is over, and I can’t say I’m sad about it. Last year was rough. And it wasn’t just rough for us; if you’re one of the lucky ones whose 2011 was phenomenal, more power to you, but I need at least two hands to count the friends and family I have who had […]

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The Waiting

Yesterday was the last day of regular classes this semester. I must admit, I’m more sad than I expected to be. I really enjoyed this semester; I loved my classes and my students, and I felt like my work load this semester was just right. As much as I’m looking forward to the break (and […]

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When Someone You Love Has Cancer

First, you don’t believe it. Cancer is something that happens to someone else, to some other family. Cancer is something to be sad about, something to wish cured, but it is not something that belongs in your own family. When you find out that, in fact, it is in your own family, you simply don’t […]

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