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Last Day

Yesterday, Jesse started bringing home stuff from work. Books. Files. Today is his last day. He’ll finish cleaning out his cube, wrap up anything he’s been working on, and then go to a movie with his coworkers. And then, he’ll come home. And be completely done with a job he’s had for the last five […]

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The Big Announcement

As many of you found out yesterday, we have news! (And no, we’re not pregnant.) Jesse is quitting his job in March to go back to school for computer animation. This decision was a long¬†time coming. It’s almost hard for me to believe it’s actually happening. We had been talking about the need for change […]

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New Year

So, 2011 is over, and I can’t say I’m sad about it. Last year was rough. And it wasn’t just rough for us; if you’re one of the lucky ones whose 2011 was phenomenal, more power to you, but I need at least two hands to count the friends and family I have who had […]

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Final grades are posted. The semester hangs–not entirely over, but nearly. I check my e-mail for complaints about grades or reminders of last-minute meetings or reviews. The boxes holding my teaching materials and books sit in the corner, waiting. I am devouring books like something depends on it. I have not been to the beach […]

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