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I’m realizing the older I get, the more rest I require. I don’t mean sleep. (Though if I had my way, I’d be asleep until at least 9:00 a.m. every day.) I mean, time on the couch with a good book and a cat curled in my lap. Time to do nothing important or necessary. […]

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What I Bought in College

Yesterday, as the Great Purge of 2011 continued, I found several boxes of old files and proceeded to go through them to see what needed keeping (tax documents) and what didn’t (bills for a land line–remember those?–I had in college). Jesse’s entire college filing system was discovered completely intact. Basically, it’s a box with a […]

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Jeanne Leiby

Last night, I was with the Kings watching American Idol. S. was singing into a little pink karaoke machine as Jacob was doing his number, and she was twirling and belting it out, and Jesse was videoing it. Warren went to apologize for the interruption in the program, and I told him not to–“In ten […]

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This is being back on campus: The other day, on my way to my office from my first class, I passed a guy playing a guitar and a harmonica, just standing there with his back toward the pond and the clocktower, facing the waves of students going to and from class. On my way out […]

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Intermission, 2

Orientation for new teachers and teachers of basic studies courses at the university today. Temperatures in the mid-90s, heat index well over 100, a walk across campus in jeans and a black top (trying to look professional). But, then, slightly dark air conditioned rooms with projectors and white boards, the sleek glass-and-technology of the CIS […]

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