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Oliver Is Still Pretty Cool

I ran across this old post the other day, and it reminded me that–no matter how many gorgeous roses he destroys–Oliver is still a pretty awesome cat. And I love the little bugger. * * * Posted: July 12, 2010 Originally titled: Dear Oliver, I Forgive You for Eating the Rose. In Fact, I Forgive You […]

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It Continues…

My garden smells like beer. Cheap, two-year-old, stale beer. I’ve got containers of the stuff all over the place, allowing slugs to drown their sorrows (literally). Every morning, I go outside and pick slugs off my plants, dropping them into the cups of beer that have collected a great number of their brethren. Picking slugs off […]

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We Called Him Sal

Monday, I was weeding the rose beds and the azaleas while Jesse mowed the front yard. The morning was cool and sunny. The roses I cleaned up quickly, but the weeds had nearly overtaken the azaleas, so it was slow going around those. While getting close to a tiny white azalea bush, I noticed a […]

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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon training to participate in an education scoring exercise (if I try to explain it, you will instantly fall asleep, and unless you’re reading this late at night because you’re having shut-eye issues, I figure you’d be better off if I just skip that part). By 4:00 I had a massive […]

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My Mother

A lot of funny things happened while we were in Charlotte a few weekends ago. Funny things always happen when we’re around my family, especially when Mom’s there. For instance, she asked Jesse a question about YouTube and how to use it. Turns out, she has recently discovered YouTube. Do you know what videos she […]

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