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Our Weekend of Gluttony

This past weekend, Jesse’s sister came up from Florida for a quick visit. Her birthday was Sunday. The week leading up to her visit, we planned and shopped and cleaned and got ready. In my excitement, I forgot that the weekend was Memorial Day weekend, since I was thinking of it primarily as Becki’s Birthday […]

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West Virginia Weekend

A few weekends back, we went to West Virginia with Joannie and Tim to visit my parents. We had loads of fun–eating Christy’s hot dogs (chili + slaw + toasted bun = heaven), playing Scrabble late at night, and enjoying the mountains. The trip was a brief one–up on Saturday, back on Sunday–but we packed […]

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Report Card

The last time we were in Florida, my grandmother handed me a cream-colored card, folded in half. I unfolded it and started reading. The document was old, slightly creased, its ink fading a bit. The cursive handwriting looked old too (have we all but lost penmanship these days? I never see pretty handwriting anymore, it […]

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Christmas Snapshots

While opening presents, it’s pretty much a requirement that you wear at least one element of the wrapping. I swear, there was nothing in the egg nog. No, really! Mom and I decided to take silly self-portraits. At first, she didn’t get the “make silly faces” memo. But, she’s a quick learner… Mom and Dad […]

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The holidays, in scenes: We host a Star Wars-themed Christmas party, and I bake and bake and bake, and our friends come over and howl with laughter over the notoriously bad Star Wars Christmas Special¬†we torture them with. The house is full of happy sounds–talking, laughing, eating. The Christmas tree glows. Our friends compete for […]

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