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Christmas Snapshots

While opening presents, it’s pretty much a requirement that you wear at least one element of the wrapping. I swear, there was nothing in the egg nog. No, really! Mom and I decided to take silly self-portraits. At first, she didn’t get the “make silly faces” memo. But, she’s a quick learner… Mom and Dad […]

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What I Miss

Every winter, I go through a terrible homesickness for Florida. Specifically, for the following reasons: These turkeys– Also, I miss how you can’t throw a stick without hitting fresh citrus. It’s everywhere, and it’s delicious. There’s simply no replacement for fresh citrus. I miss watching launches. The excitement! The noise! The awe! And, last but […]

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We spent this Thanksgiving with Jesse’s family in Florida. We’d originally planned to be in Charlotte with my family but after getting Jesse’s dad’s diagnosis, we quickly changed our plans. But even though we wished we were there under different circumstances, we did enjoy ourselves quite a bit. Thanksgiving day was spent at Jesse’s aunt’s […]

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Soccer Boy

While we’re on the topic of Jesse, love of my life, keeper of my website, I thought it would be nice to usher in the weekend with this little gem–an old photo of Jesse at soccer practice, scanned and sent to me by his mom. Not sure exactly when this picture was taken, but from […]

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What I Bought in College

Yesterday, as the Great Purge of 2011 continued, I found several boxes of old files and proceeded to go through them to see what needed keeping (tax documents) and what didn’t (bills for a land line–remember those?–I had in college). Jesse’s entire college filing system was discovered completely intact. Basically, it’s a box with a […]

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