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Vacation Eats

In Mr. Universe (which I really enjoyed, even though I fell asleep before the end of it–that’s what happens to me toward the end of a semester),  Jim Gaffigan said, “Really that’s all a vacation is–just us eating in a place we’ve never been.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, as Jesse and I were planning our […]

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Our Weekend of Gluttony

This past weekend, Jesse’s sister came up from Florida for a quick visit. Her birthday was Sunday. The week leading up to her visit, we planned and shopped and cleaned and got ready. In my excitement, I forgot that the weekend was Memorial Day weekend, since I was thinking of it primarily as Becki’s Birthday […]

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Jesse loves carnitas (literally, “little meats”–how cute is that?). So, Friday I decided to try my hand at making some carnitas tacos. I found a recipe that looked promising, and shopped for the ingredients on Friday morning. On the way home from the store, the unthinkable happened. A giant black and gray, furry spider dropped […]

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Lunch on Sunday was roasted potatoes and carrots, ripe avocados, some almond butter, and this bread (which had been “fermenting” since the day before): Before… After… This bread was a-maaaaaz-ing. The crust was nice and crispy, and the inside was so soft and tender and spongy and perfect. You have to try it. Recipe here.

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Recently, Jesse and I have found ourselves eating more and more vegetarian meals. We’ve never eaten a ton of meat (certainly less than the “Average American,” as it were). Ever since borrowing World Vegetarian from Becki, though, we’ve been on a vegetarian kick. We’re eating a lot of lentils, rice dishes, and other veggie-based meals. I […]

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