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Fall Break

Thursday, I was in my office trying to grade some literature essays after class. My head hurt. My eyes ached. I struggled to concentrate. I remembered a coupon I’d received for a free coffee, so I dug that out of a desk drawer and walked to the library for some caffeine. The sun outside was […]

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Yesterday didn’t really feel like a holiday until the evening. Jesse and I spent the day in our usual way: we played tennis in the morning. We drank coffee and ate things. I wrote. He worked on his computer doing computer-y things. Last year, this time, we were in San Francisco. We watched the fireworks […]

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Jesse and Jessica Perform

We had a fabulous night last night. Jesse and Jessica performed at a Paul McCartney birthday celebration in a beautiful former church. The venue had high ceilings, stained glass, gorgeous lighting. And a whole bunch of people who loved old Beatles and Paul McCartney music. What could be better? Here’s a video of their performance.

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Map of the Dead

Prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Check it out: Map of the Dead — you can see danger zones (like cemeteries) as well as potential resources (hardware stores, grocery stores–Twinkies, anyone?–dentists, etc.) near your location. First thing I’m going to do in the zombie apocalypse is head to Warren and Sharon’s house. Warren knows everything there is to […]

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The Colton Saga Continues…

On Wednesday, we were about to watch American Idol with our friends, when I decided it would be funny to ask S. who she liked better, Eugene or Colton. She thought for a minute, and then answered something I couldn’t really understand. We chuckled; she hadn’t understood the question. Fair enough–she’s four. We went about our […]

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