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Where’s Waldo? I Mean, Gracie?

Lately, Gracie has been finding it fun to sleep where she’s not exactly supposed to. Kitchen–we don’t let the cats on the kitchen counters. What this effectively¬†means is that Oliver gets on the kitchen counters whenever he wants to, and if we catch him there, we shoo him off. We used to keep a water […]

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France vs. North Carolina

France has better food. The French work a 35-hour workweek and get an average of 37 vacation days per year. France’s healthcare system consistently tops the list of best in the world. Oh, and the French are better parents, too. (Watch the video and tell me those American women don’t sound crazy.) The Eiffel Tower, […]

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Conversations While Drawing

The other day, I was watching A., who has just turned four, while he drew at the kitchen table. Here is the (rough) transcript of our conversation: [Somehow, the topic of New York City comes up…] Erin: “A., do you know anything about New York City?” A: “Yes.” Erin (surprised): “You do? What’s that?” A: […]

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Cat Look

This is the look Gracie gives Oliver just before she pounces on him:

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Last Thursday, we had dinner with our good friends Jessica and Joey and spent the evening doing the following: 1. Stuffing our faces with pizza. (Yum. Also, my first full meal since being sick. Thanks, Jessica!) 2. Talking about the music video Joey is directing for Jessica. 3. Pondering the possibility that Jessica’s house is […]

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