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The Quiet War

I know I haven’t talked about slugs in a while, surely disappointing many of you. The truth is, the war continues, though the fighting these days is less intense, and there are fewer casualties. A new opponent–squash vine borers, a much deadlier foe that’s much harder to fight–has invaded on the slugs’ territory and has gotten me […]

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The Upper Hand

As you know by now, slugs have become my latest obsession. (Or, rather, killing slugs has become my latest obsession.) I’m out in the garden at all hours of the day and night, picking slugs off my plants and drowning them in beer. I go out before bed. I go out first thing every morning. […]

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It Continues…

My garden smells like beer. Cheap, two-year-old, stale beer. I’ve got containers of the stuff all over the place, allowing slugs to drown their sorrows (literally). Every morning, I go outside and pick slugs off my plants, dropping them into the cups of beer that have collected a great number of their brethren. Picking slugs off […]

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The War on Slugs

The other day, Sharon and I released ladybugs into our gardens. Ladybugs are beneficial insects who eat pests and don’t eat plants. Sharon had found a place online that sold packets of ladybugs for fairly cheap. When the box arrived, she called me up, and Jesse and I walked over to collect our ladybugs. What […]

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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately outside in the garden. After a long semester, it feels good to have dirt under my fingernails. Since we had such an early spring and mild winter here this year, I was able to start things from seed outdoors (in my cute little seed-starting-pod contraptions). I’ve never […]

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