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Home Improvement

Spring is definitely, officially, for-sure here. We had a little cold snap a bit ago, and I would have called it winter’s last hurrah, except this year winter never really did hurrah at all. But now the temperatures seem safely in the “warm” region, so I can declare it to be springalmostsummer. (That’s a season, […]

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I’m on spring break, and the weather must have gotten the memo: it’s supposed to be in the 70s all week. Bliss. If you need me, I’ll be skipping through fields of wildflowers. Or something. This weekend, I welcomed the break by cleaning house, going grocery shopping, and cooking a bunch of food. (At first […]

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In Case You Were Wondering About the Garden

It died. The herbs are still puttering along, but everything else has become bug food. We are feeding bugs. We’re very generous like that. And I think our gardening days are going on a leave of absence, duration unknown. Farmers market, here I come…

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Life: It’s cloudy out and I sort of wish I could spend the day sleeping, but I also have the day at home so I want to be productive. There are query letters fanned out across the carpet behind me, Gracie is sleeping in the living room, Oliver is staring out the kitchen window, I […]

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As the Garden Grows

I made it out to the garden today for a much-needed reacquainting. It’s amazing what changes a couple weeks can make when vegetables are involved. Everything exploded. The squash is going crazy, a couple of the broccoli have gotten big enough to pick, the herbs are thriving, and there are tomatoes taking their sweet time […]

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