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West Virginia Weekend

A few weekends back, we went to West Virginia with Joannie and Tim to visit my parents. We had loads of fun–eating Christy’s hot dogs (chili + slaw + toasted bun = heaven), playing Scrabble late at night, and enjoying the mountains. The trip was a brief one–up on Saturday, back on Sunday–but we packed […]

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So, Jesse’s last day of work was three weeks ago today. Three weeks! Can it be? In those three weeks, we’ve managed to sink into a comfortable routine. Most days of the week, we’re both in the office working. So far, it’s been just fine (i.e. my “only child” personality hasn’t run him off yet). […]

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Every day should be so pleasant. Yesterday was my birthday and the last day of regular classes. Until finals start pouring in, I’m without grading to do. Today, I slept until 8:00 a.m. and went to a much-needed and long-overdue chiropractor appointment mid-morning. Then, I went to the arboretum, a free local garden, where I […]

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A Saturday Post

I usually take the weekend off from blogging, but today I’m in such a good mood I thought I’d better write now before things change. Last week was absolutely brutal. Jesse and I were running up on the deadline to finish processing my niece’s senior pictures, but we weren’t concerned, as we had no other […]

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Jesse and Erin Go to the Fair

Last weekend, Jesse and I finally made it to the State Fair. We’ve been wanting to go for a while, but it hasn’t worked out. Well, this year we were determined. So determined that we drove two hours north-ish and then spent an entire hour in the car, stuck in traffic. Literally, it took us […]

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