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Sometimes, I wonder why everything we own is covered in cat hair. Why are the perfectly clean clothes, in the closet no less, dotted with tiny little cat hairs? Then, I walk into the living room, where our laundry is drying on the little wooden drying rack and on the couches. And then I know […]

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Jesse loves carnitas (literally, “little meats”–how cute is that?). So, Friday I decided to try my hand at making some carnitas tacos. I found a recipe that looked promising, and shopped for the ingredients on Friday morning. On the way home from the store, the unthinkable happened. A giant black and gray, furry spider dropped […]

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Where’s Waldo? I Mean, Gracie?

Lately, Gracie has been finding it fun to sleep where she’s not exactly supposed to. Kitchen–we don’t let the cats on the kitchen counters. What this effectively¬†means is that Oliver gets on the kitchen counters whenever he wants to, and if we catch him there, we shoo him off. We used to keep a water […]

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Sleepy Sunday

Yesterday was rainy and gray and quiet around here. The cats spent most of their time looking like this:

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Cat Look

This is the look Gracie gives Oliver just before she pounces on him:

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