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Be What You Already Are

As I was lying around my parents’ house this weekend, trying to recover the ability to eat solid foods, we watched several ’90s movies on VHS that my mom had bought at a yard sale. In between bouts of some Beethoven sequel and The Little Rascals, my parents brought out a video letter I made […]

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Allen Ginsberg

Last night, we watched a documentary about Allen Ginsberg. Jesse has this wild curly hair, and right now he’s gone too long since his last hair cut, and it’s looking wilder. And then I realized: glasses. If Jesse had some cool glasses–thick frames, not too narrow–he could look a little like Allen Ginsberg. He would […]

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The Great Jesse and Erin Summer Adventure, 2010 Edition: Day Eight

We set off early for Boston, the first of two stops we’d make on our way home. After checking into our hotel, the Westin across from the Boston Public Library (Hotwire.com! I’m telling you!), we took off walking, stopping into an Irish pub for lunch. We split an order of Fish and Chips and a […]

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I just thought you should know my fashion sense has always been good. I present photographic evidence, circa sometime in 1986 perhaps?

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It’s That Time Again

Because I haven’t said much about facial hair on this blog lately, here is Time’s list of Top 10 Celebrity Mustaches. I’ll give them Alex Trebek, but I’ve got to say #8 gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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