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It’s taken two solid months, but I think I’m finally coming back to earth after San Francisco. I remember the first day we were in the city, on the shared-ride van that drove us from the airport to the apartment—I remember looking out the van’s windows at the highways and the hills and the trees […]

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Home Away

In San Francisco, I lived in a lovely studio apartment I rented from a couple who looked like movie stars and owned an adorable golden retriever. I loved the apartment. It was roomy enough but small enough to clean quickly. Every wall had a piece of art on it, and the backyard was a patio […]

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Growing up in Titusville, Florida, you get used to the launches, you become accustomed to the strange fact that one of our nation’s greatest technical achievements is on full display mere miles from your house, that every now and then a 300,000-pound rocket is shot from the earth into space, or that every now and […]

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I spent the weekend in Atlanta with my dear friend Simona. The highlights: The most delicious tomato-basil soup I’ve ever had at a cozy little French restaurant. Driving in SNOW in the crazy city traffic and not dying. Thai food for Saturday’s dinner and then Turkish coffee and chocolate mousse cake for dessert with another […]

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“After Changes upon Changes”

Tuesday, Jesse had the day off work (because of the fourteen-hour Sunday), which he spent at home, working. (Freelance.) I watched A. in the morning and ran errands and worked on stuff for school the rest of the afternoon. Not exactly a Sunday replacement, but at least we spent multiple hours under the same roof. […]

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