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Fall Break

Thursday, I was in my office trying to grade some literature essays after class. My head hurt. My eyes ached. I struggled to concentrate. I remembered a coupon I’d received for a free coffee, so I dug that out of a desk drawer and walked to the library for some caffeine. The sun outside was […]

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Home Improvement

Spring is definitely, officially, for-sure here. We had a little cold snap a bit ago, and I would have called it winter’s last hurrah, except this year winter never really did hurrah at all. But now the temperatures seem safely in the “warm” region, so I can declare it to be springalmostsummer. (That’s a season, […]

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The Great Purge 2011

In San Francisco, I had one suitcase of stuff. (Well, a suitcase + a box.) And that was it. I had enough clothes to wear, and the closet wasn’t cluttered. The bathroom drawers were¬† neat. I could clean the entire apartment in about a half hour, and when I looked around, I didn’t see a […]

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