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This weekend, I: 1. Visited my parents in West Virginia. 2. Saw lots of beautiful fall-colored leaves. 3. Got a stomach bug. 4. Spent a lot of time on my parents’ couch. 5. Spent a lot of time in my parents’ bathroom. And so on. Now, we’re back home, and it’s back to school, back […]

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I am sick with a summer cold (that’s what I’m calling it anyway). I don’t like being sick, but at least a cold is better than mono, so I’ll take what I can get. In the meantime, I’m working on my syllabi for this upcoming semester, putting readings on the schedules, deciding on office hours, […]

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Scarves in June

Other than cleaning the garage (story soon, I promise), Jesse and I have been doing little but lie around the house, moaning softly and feeling sorry for ourselves (okay, the moaning and pity party might just be me). During the day, while he’s at work (don’t know how he does it), I spend my time […]

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I was going to write a blog today and call it “Of Mice and Mono” because Jesse and I–in our third week of having mono–spent five and a half hours on Saturday cleaning our garage with large amounts of bleach. Because there were mice. In large white piano we’ve been keeping in our garage for […]

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It started Saturday a couple weeks ago: Jesse and I woke up with sore throats and felt awfully lazy. We did our best to power through; we thought positive thoughts. Sunday, we felt worse, and spent the day lying around the house, intermittently napping. The following week we felt somewhat better, but the sore throats […]

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