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Catching Up

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. Life has been a great big ball of stress, and there’s been precious little free time (and that free time has been consistently allocated to taking hot baths and sitting–brain dead–in front of the TV, watching a bunch of people lose their dreams on American Idol. […]

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New Year’s Resolution

I had a lovely weekend of friends and books and thoughts and time at home with Jesse. I found my New Year’s resolution: Less Facebook, more books. I know better than to make exercise-related goals. One day, maybe–but today is not that day. The resolution has been building for a while now, but it was […]

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New Year

So, 2011 is over, and I can’t say I’m sad about it. Last year was rough. And it wasn’t just rough for us; if you’re one of the lucky ones whose 2011 was phenomenal, more power to you, but I need at least two hands to count the friends and family I have who had […]

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Be What You Already Are

As I was lying around my parents’ house this weekend, trying to recover the ability to eat solid foods, we watched several ’90s movies on VHS that my mom had bought at a yard sale. In between bouts of some Beethoven sequel and The Little Rascals, my parents brought out a video letter I made […]

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In the Midst

This past Friday night, we had a thunderstorm. Jesse and I turned off all the lights and opened the blinds and curled up on the couch to watch the lightning. Everything was silent except the thunder and our whispers. I was glad to be away from a computer, and I thought about when I was […]

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