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Our Weekend of Gluttony

This past weekend, Jesse’s sister came up from Florida for a quick visit. Her birthday was Sunday. The week leading up to her visit, we planned and shopped and cleaned and got ready. In my excitement, I forgot that the weekend was Memorial Day weekend, since I was thinking of it primarily as Becki’s Birthday […]

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The Colton Saga Continues…

On Wednesday, we were about to watch American Idol¬†with our friends, when I decided it would be funny to ask S. who she liked better, Eugene or Colton. She thought for a minute, and then answered something I couldn’t really understand. We chuckled; she hadn’t understood the question. Fair enough–she’s four. We went about our […]

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Kids Say…

Little S. is not so little anymore–she’s almost four. I can hardly believe it. But even though she’s quickly growing up, she still says the most adorable things. Once, she was saying a blessing before dinner, and she prayed: “Dear God, thank you for me and for Jesus and for the food.” (Her parents and […]

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Conversations While Drawing

The other day, I was watching A., who has just turned four, while he drew at the kitchen table. Here is the (rough) transcript of our conversation: [Somehow, the topic of New York City comes up…] Erin: “A., do you know anything about New York City?” A: “Yes.” Erin (surprised): “You do? What’s that?” A: […]

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Man with Baby

Jesse doesn’t hold many babies. (I can count on one hand the number of babies I’ve seen him hold. One.) It’s not that he doesn’t like babies. He just doesn’t have much experience with them, and therefore resists holding them. To him, they seem fragile and unpredictable. When babies become toddlers, he becomes the “fun […]

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