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Two weekends ago, Jesse and I went on a thrift store adventure. Proving, yet again, that we are really in our 70s. (We also love public television and Jeopardy! and we’re usually in bed pretty early. In case you needed extra evidence.) But it doesn’t matter if we’re a little dorky, because we’re both a little […]

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So, Jesse’s last day of work was three weeks ago today. Three weeks! Can it be? In those three weeks, we’ve managed to sink into a comfortable routine. Most days of the week, we’re both in the office working. So far, it’s been just fine (i.e. my “only child” personality hasn’t run him off yet). […]

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Technically, this is the eleventh Valentine’s Day Jesse and I have spent together. We’ve been together almost twelve years, but we started dating officially on February 22, 2000, missing our “first” Valentine’s day by a little over a week. We started dating the day after Jesse turned 18. He turns 30 this year. We are […]

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We had a lovely weekend, one of those fun but calm weekends, a time to ourselves. We ate out, lounged in Barnes and Noble, shopped at the outlets in Myrtle Beach (Christmas money!), did a bit of laundry, napped. Not much work got done, and that was just fine. Last night, I made an artichoke […]

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The Big Announcement

As many of you found out yesterday, we have news! (And no, we’re not pregnant.) Jesse is quitting his job in March to go back to school for computer animation. This decision was a long time coming. It’s almost hard for me to believe it’s actually happening. We had been talking about the need for change […]

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