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Jesse and Jessica Perform

We had a fabulous night last night. Jesse and Jessica performed at a Paul McCartney birthday celebration in a beautiful former church. The venue had high ceilings, stained glass, gorgeous lighting. And a whole bunch of people who loved old Beatles and Paul McCartney music. What could be better? Here’s a video of their performance.

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I was reading old blog posts the other night, revisiting last summer, San Francisco, coming home. I still can’t believe there was ever a time I thought about not going to San Francisco for the whole month of July. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I remember how intensely I craved change […]

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Yesterday was lovely. We slept in a bit, and by the time we were up, the sun was already getting a bit hot, and the birds were singing. I putzed around for the first half of the day and left for the beach in the afternoon. The trip was exactly what I needed. On the […]

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Two weekends ago, Jesse and I went on a thrift store adventure. Proving, yet again, that we are really in our 70s. (We also love public television and Jeopardy! and we’re usually in bed pretty early. In case you needed extra evidence.) But it doesn’t matter if we’re a little dorky, because we’re both a little […]

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So, Jesse’s last day of work was three weeks ago today. Three weeks! Can it be? In those three weeks, we’ve managed to sink into a comfortable routine. Most days of the week, we’re both in the office working. So far, it’s been just fine (i.e. my “only child” personality hasn’t run him off yet). […]

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