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France vs. North Carolina

France has better food. The French work a 35-hour workweek and get an average of 37 vacation days per year. France’s healthcare system consistently tops the list of best in the world. Oh, and the French are better parents, too. (Watch the video and tell me those American women don’t sound crazy.) The Eiffel Tower, […]

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Parental Visit

My parents came for a brief visit on their way back to sunny Florida (from snowy West Virginia). We had a lot of fun, even if we did only have basically one day. We ran some errands, walked around the Arboretum, shopped at the local Asian market and Carolina Farmin’, drank chai, and ate good […]

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The Good and the Bad

Because it would just be plain depressing to end with the bad, let’s start there. The Bad… 1. I did not get to attend a peanut boil this year. If you know me at all, you know how much I look forward to eating boiled peanuts. You know boiled peanuts are the only reason I’m […]

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Friday Night

Last Friday night, we went to a volunteer party and hung out with some of our closest friends. We sat on bales of hay and drank Coke out of glass bottles and listened to live bluegrass music. We ate donut holes and ice cream sandwiches and popcorn. We watched the kids dance and go crazy […]

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It’s taken two solid months, but I think I’m finally coming back to earth after San Francisco. I remember the first day we were in the city, on the shared-ride van that drove us from the airport to the apartment—I remember looking out the van’s windows at the highways and the hills and the trees […]

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