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It’s taken two solid months, but I think I’m finally coming back to earth after San Francisco. I remember the first day we were in the city, on the shared-ride van that drove us from the airport to the apartment—I remember looking out the van’s windows at the highways and the hills and the trees […]

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Labor Day

Labor Day weekend: My family attends the 50th Seabolt Family Reunion in a church activity building at the mouth of the hollow where my grandparents used to live in a house my grandfather and his brothers built the year my dad and his twin brother were born. I sit on my couch, 455 miles away, […]

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Chicken and Dumplings

Yesterday, I had a craving for my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings. When I was little, this was my favorite meal ever, hands down. And since I can’t just pick up and drive to West Virginia to have her make me a batch, I settled for second best: I called her, had her describe to me […]

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A Year Later

Today I went to my department’s composition program meeting, several hours of talking about new SLOs (student learning outcomes), being reminded about the Writing Center and other on-campus services, and so on. Afterward, I ate lunch with Jesse and picked up a few groceries before coming home. Now I am thinking about this time last […]

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What I Bought in College

Yesterday, as the Great Purge of 2011 continued, I found several boxes of old files and proceeded to go through them to see what needed keeping (tax documents) and what didn’t (bills for a land line–remember those?–I had in college). Jesse’s entire college filing system was discovered completely intact. Basically, it’s a box with a […]

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