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The Waiting

Yesterday was the last day of regular classes this semester. I must admit, I’m more sad than I expected to be. I really enjoyed this semester; I loved my classes and my students, and I felt like my work load this semester was just right. As much as I’m looking forward to the break (and […]

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Goodbye, September

September is a strange month, an in-between month. Summer officially ends and fall begins. But not quite. Aside from one weekend of cooler weather, September was hot and muggy here. It would rain for a week straight and then if the sun peeked out, it would just heat up the wet pavement and the puddles […]

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Tonight, I’m sitting at my computer, drinking a cup of hot Trader Joe’s “Well Rested” tea (chamomile with accents of mint and lemongrass), listening as Jesse and some friends play music in the living room. They are practicing for a mutual friend’s wedding this month, and the songs are lovely. I can hear the piano, […]

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The Elements

A little quiz. For those of you who know both Jesse and me, who would you say would be more likely to be the bleeding heart at the sight of sad-looking people holding out cups asking for spare change? (You answered me, right?) I mean, when I was a kid I once saw a man […]

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Why Am I Here?

Whenever people find out I’m in San Francisco for the entire month of July, they ask why. This is a perfectly reasonable question, one I’d ask too were the situations reversed. However, I still haven’t exactly figured out how to answer that question. Why am I here? First and foremost, to write. A large chunk […]

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