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All Good Things

Last Thursday was my last day as an advocate. I cried. But not too much, in front of other people at least. Let me back up. In case you’ve joined us recently, let me explain. For the last couple years I’ve held a volunteer position at my church that gave me the nifty title of […]

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Dinner Party

Last night was our pod dinner party, summer edition. I spent all day preparing for it, cleaning the house, shopping for the food, cooking. The menu: Appetizers: caprese salad (mozzarella with tomatoes and basil from our garden), crusty bread with roasted garlic, and yellow teardrop tomatoes from our garden. Main: Chicken with roasted garlic cream […]

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Lately, all I can think about is advocacy at Port City. (If you need to get caught up, here’s what I’ve said before about my Pod) I had a meeting with Jennifer Leech last Thursday, and since then I’ve felt like a live wire. Like, I’m pulsing. Thinking about the possibilities, the potential. Ah. I […]

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Oh, there is just so much right now. Last night, as we were falling asleep, Jesse and I agreed we needed a summer. Not just the warmth, the reprieve from this awful winter, but a summer. We’re living semester lives, with no spring break, with no Martin Luther King Jr. day, with no summer. The […]

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Taxes and Cat Naps

Productivity is up, folks, and the last few days of last week were very satisfying. I made my “six things” lists each night and slashed at them each day. I kept myself off Facebook during “business hours.” The laundry and dishes are done. Thank-you notes were written and sent. Emails were tackled. Groceries were purchased. […]

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