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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately outside in the garden. After a long semester, it feels good to have dirt under my fingernails. Since we had such an early spring and mild winter here this year, I was able to start things from seed outdoors (in my cute little seed-starting-pod contraptions). I’ve never […]

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Home Improvement

Spring is definitely, officially, for-sure here. We had a little cold snap a bit ago, and I would have called it winter’s last hurrah, except this year winter never really did hurrah at all. But now the temperatures seem safely in the “warm” region, so I can declare it to be springalmostsummer. (That’s a season, […]

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So, Jesse’s last day of work was three weeks ago today. Three weeks! Can it be? In those three weeks, we’ve managed to sink into a comfortable routine. Most days of the week, we’re both in the office working. So far, it’s been just fine (i.e. my “only child” personality hasn’t run him off yet). […]

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On Breathing

For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to breathe well. My asthma–which had not reared its ugly head since I was an undergraduate–appears to be back. I’m really lucky that my case isn’t that bad (in other words, no panicked trips to the ER). But I really don’t appreciate breathing so much as […]

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Spring Break Reading

This morning was gray and sullen (perfect time to work), but the afternoon was sunny and warm and inviting. I read outside and then went to the library to stock up. Here’s what I’ll be reading (or at least starting): An assortment of Bittman cookbooks, plus a John le Carr√© novel and one by Stephen […]

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