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Sneak Peek

Last Wednesday, right after my summer class ended and final grades were posted, Jesse and I hopped in the car and took off for a whirlwind mini-vacation to Nashville and Memphis. Neither of us had ever been before, and we had a bit of overlap with the beginning of my Real Summer, and Jesse’s week […]

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One thing I love about teaching a summer class is the routine. The days are the same, one right after the other, same class same time same room. Since I’m teaching only one class, I’ve got only one class to think about, one set of papers to grade, one list of names to learn. And […]

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Yesterday was lovely. We slept in a bit, and by the time we were up, the sun was already getting a bit hot, and the birds were singing. I putzed around for the first half of the day and left for the beach in the afternoon. The trip was exactly what I needed. On the […]

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The Big Announcement

As many of you found out yesterday, we have news! (And no, we’re not pregnant.) Jesse is quitting his job in March to go back to school for computer animation. This decision was a long¬†time coming. It’s almost hard for me to believe it’s actually happening. We had been talking about the need for change […]

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Goodbye, September

September is a strange month, an in-between month. Summer officially ends and fall begins. But not quite. Aside from one weekend of cooler weather, September was hot and muggy here. It would rain for a week straight and then if the sun peeked out, it would just heat up the wet pavement and the puddles […]

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