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Fall Break

Thursday, I was in my office trying to grade some literature essays after class. My head hurt. My eyes ached. I struggled to concentrate. I remembered a coupon I’d received for a free coffee, so I dug that out of a desk drawer and walked to the library for some caffeine. The sun outside was […]

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One thing I love about teaching a summer class is the routine. The days are the same, one right after the other, same class same time same room. Since I’m teaching only one class, I’ve got only one class to think about, one set of papers to grade, one list of names to learn. And […]

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Finals, continued

This past weekend, we made an impromptu trip to Charlotte and West Virginia to see my aunt and uncle and my parents. Also, to eat chili slaw dogs and visit the “Unbelievable!” Mystery Hole (which, no matter how you phrase it, always sounds bad). It was a lovely little visit. In other news, I chopped […]

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It’s that time again. Wait, how is it that time again? How is the semester nearly over? How are finals next week? I swear, I thought February would never end (shortest month–go figure), but the rest of the semester has whizzed by. (I say this every semester, don’t I?) Well, ready or not, the semester’s […]

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School Dreams

I used to have dreams about being in school. The most common, of course, was showing up for the final exam of a class I had forgotten to attend all semester. (I still have that one every now and again.) But now that I’m teaching, I’m far more likely to have dreams about classroom dramas […]

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