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Vacation Eats

In Mr. Universe (which I really enjoyed, even though I fell asleep before the end of it–that’s what happens to me toward the end of a semester),  Jim Gaffigan said, “Really that’s all a vacation is–just us eating in a place we’ve never been.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, as Jesse and I were planning our […]

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Sneak Peek

Last Wednesday, right after my summer class ended and final grades were posted, Jesse and I hopped in the car and took off for a whirlwind mini-vacation to Nashville and Memphis. Neither of us had ever been before, and we had a bit of overlap with the beginning of my Real Summer, and Jesse’s week […]

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I dug up some old journals the other evening and found a notebook I carried with me on my first trip to Congo. Reading it, I realized how much I’ve forgotten. The chicken that flew into our guesthouse room one morning. The plastic jar of Smucker’s grape jelly with Arabic writing on it. And how […]

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Congo and Rwanda Room Tours

This weekend, I ran across some video I took last year in Congo. Since I recently took you on a “tour” of my place in San Francisco, I thought it only fitting to show you where I stayed in Congo and Rwanda. So, voila. The first half is in Bukavu, Congo, and the second half […]

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Home Away

In San Francisco, I lived in a lovely studio apartment I rented from a couple who looked like movie stars and owned an adorable golden retriever. I loved the apartment. It was roomy enough but small enough to clean quickly. Every wall had a piece of art on it, and the backyard was a patio […]

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