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What I Bought in College

Yesterday, as the Great Purge of 2011 continued, I found several boxes of old files and proceeded to go through them to see what needed keeping (tax documents) and what didn’t (bills for a land line–remember those?–I had in college). Jesse’s entire college filing system was discovered completely intact. Basically, it’s a box with a […]

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I took a red-eye home from San Francisco, which means I’m either: 1.  A cheapskate, or 2. A glutton for punishment. One of the two. I mailed some of my things home, since I didn’t have room in my suitcase. Or, more accurately, I didn’t have any more weight left. It’s not the packing I […]

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Final Days

My last week here, I’ve been making sure to visit some of the neighborhoods I’ve never seen before. It’s amazing how much of the city the tourists never see. Those are always my favorite spots. Chinatown? Thrilling, beautiful, wonderful–but insanely crowded, expensive, and overrun with tourists. Inner Richmond is the city’s second Chinatown, and you […]

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The City by the Bay

Today I went to lunch with my aunt’s former coworkers, Grace and Kim, in the financial district. They took me to a nearby dim sum restaurant, and we proceeded to devour practically a cart full of dumplings. Picture it: me and two small Asian lawyers plowing our way through $60 worth of dim sum. We […]

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Saturday, I saw: 1. A man walking down the sidewalk, eating out of a clear plastic bag of spinach. Imagine a man walking, eating from a bag of potato chips. Now replace the chips with spinach. Yup. 2. A man playing harmonica…while driving his car.

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