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2010: The Year in Review, So Far

So, the year in review, twenty-ten so far: Watching kids who are growing faster than I realize. When they’re this size (“this size” being dangerously close to age two), I don’t perceive that very much is changing on a week-to-week basis, but I have a feeling that the year will breeze by and in January […]

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A Post in Which I Find My Coupon Limit

Last week, I went to Harris Teeter for some after-vacation grocery shopping, and I had a freak-out moment in the freezer section. See, it’s triples week. Which means any coupon up to 99 cents is tripled (unless it happens to be a “DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE” coupon, which a surprising number seem to be, […]

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Sigma Tau

I remember walking into a meeting room in the Student Union at UCF. I think it was the end of my first year of college, if I remember correctly. I was there for another meeting of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honor society. We were to vote on a new executive board. I was the […]

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