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What I Want

Is this: Oh dear heavens, I can’t wait for winter to be over.

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It rained last night, and this morning everything is covered in ice. Herman’s face is glazed over, and his charcoal eyes look like glass. Jesse’s car is dripping icicles. Warren took him to work today. This morning before we ate breakfast there were already six or seven accidents on the bridge into town. The bridge […]

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Allow me to introduce Herman, our snow friend: That’s right, we’ve got several inches of snow on the ground. (The snow around Herman is gone because he needed some, shall we say, work done.) Freezing rain is supposed to be on its way this afternoon. Our neighbors across the street made a snow lady, and […]

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Holiday Sights

We spent the holidays in Florida, where we saw: Disney… Presents… Strange, old records in thrift stores… Nature… My grandmother… My mom… My dad… My dad catching an armadillo… Jesse’s family… Holiday decorations… And lots and lots of food… What a lovely holiday.

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I spent the weekend in Atlanta with my dear friend Simona. The highlights: The most delicious tomato-basil soup I’ve ever had at a cozy little French restaurant. Driving in SNOW in the crazy city traffic and not dying. Thai food for Saturday’s dinner and then Turkish coffee and chocolate mousse cake for dessert with another […]

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