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Some Things Remain

Yesterday was the last day of “normal” classes for the semester. I’ll give, and then grade, three finals next week, and then I’ll tally and post final grades, and then it will be over. Oh. Sad. But, there is time off on the other side of that, and that time off includes a trip to […]

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We spent Thanksgiving in Florida–a whirlwind trip down and back, packed with family time and lots and lots of food. (See previous entry re: turkey.) I wore shorts and flip flops the whole time and loved it. We shopped in the Florida Mall on Black Friday, and I was struck again by how much more […]

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Oh, there is just so much right now. Last night, as we were falling asleep, Jesse and I agreed we needed a summer. Not just the warmth, the reprieve from this awful winter, but a summer. We’re living semester lives, with no spring break, with no Martin Luther King Jr. day, with no summer. The […]

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Happy Valentine

Let me just say that Jesse and I have excellent timing. Case in point: When is a great time to argue about money? How about in the car, on the way to a marriage retreat in Myrtle Beach, on Valentine’s weekend? Seemed ideal to us, and so we fussed and griped and pouted and sulked […]

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2010: The Year in Review, So Far

So, the year in review, twenty-ten so far: Watching kids who are growing faster than I realize. When they’re this size (“this size” being dangerously close to age two), I don’t perceive that very much is changing on a week-to-week basis, but I have a feeling that the year will breeze by and in January […]

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